Francisco Florit

Barcelona, 1883 – Barcelona, 1956

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He is the most unknown pioneer of sports photojournalism.Francisco Florit was born in Barcelona on 22 April 1883. He was the son of Guillermo Florit and Sebastiana Ricart. Like so many of his colleagues who engaged in sports photography, he began his career during the 1920s in a context in which sports news began to make headlines. The first captioned photograph of his that we have been able to locate was published in the magazine La Jornada Deportiva in 1922.

In 1923 he joined the Sindicat de Periodistes Esportius (Union of Sports Journalists) and in the decade he became a name among the graphic reporters working in sports photography. His work was published in the specialised media Sports, Stadium, Heraldo Deportivo, Gaceta Deportiva, and the newspaper El Día Gráfico, among others. His images even went on sale in their own right. They were announced in the weekly newspaperSports in 1923 and 1924: "The photographs published in this magazine by our graphic editor Florit are on sale at carrer Sta. Ana, 4."

Since the 1920s and until the end of his life, he was very close to Tir Nacional (the National Shooting club), and was awarded a gold medal in 1930 for his role at the head of the organisation. During the International Exhibition of 1929 he was the representative of graphic reporters in a section coordinated by the organisation to attend sports journalists.

He died in 1956 in his apartment in carrer Girona, where he had lived all his life. In addition to the press he worked for, his family also preserved a small part of his work.