Nuevo Mundo

In January 1894 a new weekly graphic newspaper saw the streets founded by José Perojo, a professional with a solid experience in the field of the press; this is why Nuevo Mundo from the start became the rival of Blanco y Negro (1891). The illustrations were basically drawings dedicated to portraying politicians and already during the first year the use of photoengraving was occasional.


This fortnightly publication, launched the same year as the Sindicato de Periodistas Deportivos de Barcelona, meant the birth of a new journalistic model, namely that of the sports magazine, which still hadn't been tried out in Catalonia. In order to introduce itself quickly into the market it had to take a risk in terms of shape and contents, while at the same time maintaining its own tradition of native sports press.


Anarchist magazine Umbral. Semanario de la nueva era was, during the Civil War, one of the most committed editorial and propaganda ventures among all those who prioritised pictorial content as a popular communicative weapon.